Eshwar Sundaresan

Workshop offerings by Eshwar Sundaresan

I revel in the role of a trainer. It allows me to create energy bubbles inside which truly transformational workshops can take place. All my workshops are highly interactive. And most of them can be classified under the labels of “Life Skills”, “Right Brain skills” or “soft skills”, although I also offer a few Left Brain-centric workshops.

I do not subscribe to the notion of absolute truth, and believe that opposite ideas often have equal merit. Therefore, I don’t feel obligated to sermonize or defend any idea. Instead, I explore ideas along with my workshop participants keeping in mind a simple question: how can this idea enrich us? This approach has helped me address very many classrooms with considerable success.

Currently, I am a guest faculty at the renowned Banjara Academy in addition to conducting workshops on my own.
While I prefer to customize my workshop as per the needs of my client (which could be a corporate, educational institution or simply a set of individuals), I also offer the following specific workshops:


The Oneness workshop is designed to deliver two parallel streams of results:

  • Increased self-awareness amongst participants &
  • Redefining frayed relationships with other participants by leveraging on the increased level of self-awareness.

This approach works equally well to address both personal and professional relationships. That’s why this workshop has delivered desired results for corporates (middle-management peers, top-management of start-ups etc) as well as couples.

Creative Writing
Like almost everything in life, excellent creative writing requires a sublime balance between Right and Left Brain skills. Writers at the beginning of their careers could use some help in finding this balance and also in learning the craft of writing. This workshop delivers that.

What do I want from Life?
The title explains it all. This workshop addresses one of the most important questions we will ever ask ourselves.



The Zero Sum of Emotions
Unaddressed emotions wreck havoc within us. They hamper our productivity, stifle our communication and generally result in a persistent sense of unhappiness. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple. All we need to do is to view emotions, not as hindrances, but as teachers. Because every emotion teaches us something about ourselves.

This workshop will help participants get in touch with their emotions and understand them intimately. Furthermore, it will help them harness their emotions to lead fulfilling lives.

Unleash the leader in you
By looking at Leadership through the prism of cognitive dissonance, this workshop unleashes the unexpressed power inside leaders.

My conflicts, my resolutions
One of the most important skills for one and all is conflict resolution. Participants will become aware of the specific conflicts that push their buttons and why these conflicts hold them in a spell. The rest of the workshop will be spent in cognitively addressing the conflicts through a reasoned approach. But before that, they will learn that conflicts are an integral part of life.

A workshop designed for engineering students to enhance their employability. Through hands-on practice, the workshop instils mathematical, logical reasoning and verbal reasoning skills as well as introduces them to the world of psychometrics.

For more details on any of these workshops, please don’t hesitate to contact me.