Eshwar Sundaresan

My journalism career began in earnest in 1998. I held a day job in the IT industry and a typical week required 60-80 hours of my time. And whenever I got a spare weekend, holiday or evening, I’d rush to the office of Mangalore Today to enquire if the magazine required any stories to be written. This magazine became my second home. I wrote extensively for it (without pay, because I couldn’t have a second source of income, as per my employer). Soon, I was contributing to cover stories, and a little later, I started writing them. I also made some lasting friends in this process.

The journalistic skills I acquired in this space came handy when I began writing Bangalored and also when I researched for Red Curry.

In 2009, I was delighted to realize that I had acquired sound journalistic credentials when the Asia Journalism Fellowship (www.ajf.sg) selected me for their Fellowship program in Singapore. It was a grand experience.
  While many of my articles for various publications can be found online, let me offer this link where you will find a bunch of them. The link belongs to Dawn, the Karachi-based newspaper that is known for its secular, progressive and fearless brand of journalism. I particularly enjoyed contributing to Dawn’s blogosphere. It allowed me to write on topics that were relevant readers on both sides of the border.